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The Great Breakout: A Guide to Conquering Prison Escape

Prison Escape, the heart-pounding arcade classic, throws you into the clink and tasks you with one objective: freedom. Outsmart guards, navigate treacherous environments, and craft a cunning escape plan. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to become a master fugitive.

Prison Escape

**Step 1: The Humble Beginnings**

You start in your cramped cell. A rusty spork and a worn prison uniform are your only companions. Don’t despair! This spork is your first tool. Examine the loose brick in the wall. Use the spork to pry it free, revealing a hidden tunnel. But wait! This escape route is blocked by a metal grate.

**Step 2: Crafting and Cash**

Look around the cell. You’ll find empty soda cans scattered on the floor. These are your currency in Prison Escape. Collect them throughout the game. Head to the prison yard during exercise time. Here you’ll find a vending machine. Use your collected cans to purchase a hacksaw.

**Step 3: Tunneling to Freedom (Almost)**

Return to your cell and use the hacksaw on the metal grate, opening the hidden passage. Be cautious! Guards patrol the corridors – avoiding them is crucial. Use the shadows to your advantage and stick to the corners. Time your movements – don’t dash through the halls when a guard is approaching.

The tunnel leads to a dimly lit ventilation shaft. Crawling through tight spaces is no easy feat. Be mindful of the on-screen meter that tracks your stamina. If it depletes, you’ll get winded and become an easier target for guards if they discover you.

**Step 4: Thinking Outside the Box**

The ventilation shaft eventually leads to a laundry room. Here’s where things get interesting. You’ll find a series of seemingly random objects: a ripped bedsheet, a plunger, and a bar of soap. This might seem like a bizarre combination, but you’ve got to think creatively.

Combine the ripped bedsheet with the plunger to create a makeshift grappling hook. Use the soapy water on the rusty laundry chute door to make it easier to pry open. Now you have a new path – but beware, the laundry chute drops you into the prison kitchen, a dangerous place filled with watchful cooks.

**Step 5: Kitchen Chaos**

The kitchen is a maze of counters, ovens, and food prep stations. Your objective here is to grab a key hidden on a high shelf. To reach it, you’ll need to climb. Look for flour sacks stacked precariously in a corner. Climb them, but be careful – a wrong move could send you tumbling and alert the cooks.

Once you have the key, unlock the door leading to the prison roof. The fresh air might be exhilarating, but freedom is not quite within reach.

**Step 6: Rooftop Rumble**

The roof is patrolled by guard dogs. These canine companions are fast and relentless. You’ll need to be swift and strategic. There are strategically placed water balloons scattered on the rooftop. Grab one and throw it at the dogs to stun them momentarily, creating an escape window.

**Step 7: The Final Leap**

You’ve reached the edge of the prison roof. Freedom awaits… but at a steep price. A rickety helicopter hovers precariously above. The jump is risky, but so is staying behind. Here’s a trick: collect soda cans throughout the level and save them for this moment. At the edge of the roof, a vending machine dispenses a special jetpack – but only if you have enough cans. This jetpack will give you a much-needed boost, increasing your chances of a successful escape.


If you’ve managed to navigate the prison’s challenges, avoid capture, and make that daring leap, you’ve successfully conquered Prison Escape! But remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll become at identifying patterns, crafting tools, and executing your escape plan flawlessly. Now go Unblocked Games forth and show that prison warden who’s boss!